Lucrative Business You Can Start With 400k and How To Succeed

Profitability is possible in every industry. Do some market research online to help you find business opportunities or gaps you could fill. Is the specific industry expected to increase in the future? If so, it is time to invest in the product. If you were me, I’d put it into a small cafe as there is an opportunity for demand in my region.

You’re not an expert in the field of business, yet you think that if you begin with a new venture that’s the “correct” one, it will be successful.

Or, perhaps, you are searching for something that is an “easy” enterprise. Great! And so are the rest of us. We all want to have a job that is simple and can earn lots of money. Who would not? However, the truth is that no business can be accessible. If you think it’s that easy, you’re probably not prepared to start.

Let’s look at some instances. There are numerous successful coffeehouses. I have heard of several that have a high profit. However, many have failed to make it. Are coffeehouses easy to run and profitable?

I’ve been to dozens of restaurants. Some are extremely popular, but none are effortless. Many have been bankrupt. Is it a good company or not? You could begin an online business that sells imported products. Many have already done this. Easy? It’s not that complicated. Profitable? It could be that you are aware of your process.

It is generally an excellent investment. However, you must know what you’re doing to learn how to buy low and sell it high. The main distinction between successful businesses and those that fail is management.

Good management is akin to sales. If you aren’t able to make your item sell, you’re out of the woods. What have been your experiences in the field of sales? Do you think that sales are simple? If yes, you’re probably one out of one million, and you shouldn’t even be asking that question, or perhaps you’re ignorant.

My advice is to consider investing a small amount of your cash, say $50,000, and beginning an entrepreneurial venture in the background. If you succeed, then you can go further.

If you fail, you’ll still have most of your cash. It will also provide you with more experience and knowledge than you can gain from an MBA degree, whether successful or not.

I’m sure this isn’t exactly the answer you’ve been looking for. However, do you believe there’s a magic company that can make cash without effort? And that they are willing to talk about it at no charge? Sorry, but I’m afraid you’ve got plenty to learn before you invest a lot of dollars into something.

Utilities & Renewable Energy

At their broadest, we see utilities as commercial and residential electricity, water, oil, and gas. However, there’s more potential there for entrepreneurs than is apparent. The utility sector was among the industries least affected by the epidemic, which meant it was the most robust, steady, durable, and stable industry during the most severe economic crisis that has hit the US since World War II.

Can you find a place for entrepreneurs in the massive, vast utility industry, which is monopolized? This is in the fast-developing renewable energy sector that offers various advantages.

Origin of Origin (factory) Logistics The logistics business includes planning, carrying out, and managing the storage and movement of services and goods between the points of origin (factory) and consumption, and provides packaging, delivery distribution, and information processing.

With a minimum of $100K and your own courier company, buy an automobile, find the brand that requires courier services, give them a hand to deliver, and then charge the company a token.

Finance & Insurance

Another sector that has only had a slight impact on the pandemic is insurance and finance services. The industry’s revenue between 2016 and 2021 grew at an average annual rate of 2.7 percent, just a little over the 2.6 percent annual growth projected for the next five years.

This is due to future projections of increased consumer confidence, a rise in disposable income per capita, a boost in corporate profits, and increases in rates of interest as well as access to credit, all of which positively impact the growth of industry and its sustainability.

Services for insurance and finance can be delivered via a home office or remotely. Not to mention, the range of products and markets is virtually limitless for an experienced entrepreneur.

A company that initially starts offering insurance may grow to provide a variety of financial services and products to a wide range of clients, such as various insurance options including credit intermediation, banking and lending services such as financial management, securities services, commodities contract services, and other types of financial advisory.

There are plenty of product or service choices, as evidenced by the record-breaking industry revenues of $5.2 trillion.


You can establish a bakery within your local area for a minimum of N200k. It is among the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria and is a lucrative business. One of the benefits of operating a bakery is that you’re not restricted to just one kind of product. You can select a variety of items that you can make, such as cakes, pies, pastries, and other items. You can also choose to focus on a specific product.

Conventional Medicine

This sector is characterized by traditional hospital healthcare, inpatient and outpatient services, ambulatory care, nursing, and residential facilities, home-based care counselors, psychologists, social workers, diagnostic services, and many others.

As we approach 2020, there will be plenty of need for traditional healthcare because many hospitals need staff, and, at one time, they were slashing medical students to help serve patients with illnesses. Growth. The medical field is currently on a trajectory of growth.

Medical professionals are experiencing an aging population, increased efficiency due to the advancement of technology, and a surge in investment, which is expected to spur the industry’s growth.

The Real Estate Industry: This involved buying and selling land and land-based properties. The land is a property with shallow risk, except for problems with theft and seizure.

Land and landed properties are in demand and are profitable. It is possible to begin this business by investing between $400 and $1 million. The land you choose and purchase can be transferred to another owner after an extended period. It could be a brief or comprehensive-time; it all depends on you and the amount of time you’re willing to be patient.

But the longer it lasts, the more valuable it is, particularly in the case of land. Some land properties may get old-fashioned or suffer damage if they are left for too long and will decline after reaching their maximum yield.

Land and land-based properties appreciate. You could buy and sell it within a few days or as soon as possible. If you purchase a home or other property, then renovate it and lease it out, or even sell it, you’ll make money, and it can generate more money for you as it rises in value.

How to Multiply Yourself to Do More

Don’t be unique!

Picasso said, “Good artists copy, and great artists take.” Find the top performers in the field you wish to pursue and learn about their accomplishments. Learn about their autobiographies, read their books, or watch their keynote addresses. Copycat everything you like about them.

Create a list of the ten businesses and people who inspire you the most. Then you should know more about them than you do. Try to imitate them until you can make it. Then you’ll be able to let yourself be unique and then build your own identity.

Stop reading the relevant information

Find articles on industries you don’t know about and learn about them. One day, I read about the app industry, the other about the porn industry, and the last one about the oil industry. Even if you don’t take action, you will gain knowledge from all fields, and once you have found your path, your expertise from studying various fields can make you stand out in your area.

Be focused on failure rather than succeeding

Beware of books that focus on success. They’ll fail you. The best books to read study failure just as much as success. If you are learning through failure, how do you improve by reading books focusing on sensations?

You will succeed if you can learn more

How do I learn? I study a book that shows me everything I can about a particular area. I then go to Amazon and search for books related to the topic.

I also read them, but I learn little. I am less educated every time I read a new book. If I experience the feeling of Deja vu and then read about the same topics but described from different angles, I know that I’ve begun to learn; as in a jigsaw puzzle, I have all the pieces completed, and now that I have the fundamental framework in place, I can concentrate on the essential things.


Put your money into yourself for the best return on investment. Self-improvement should be your #1 top priority for your business priority.

Alife, This is why I said don’t begin a business because everything you accomplish in your life, whether it is a new business and a website or even a stall at the market, depends on you.

Enterprise, Because you’re an enterprise and everything you do isn’t the beginning of business but an extension of your business, you should never start a new business and instead build on what you already have, which is the one you already have.

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